Baked Sunday Mornings: Mini Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes

September 25, 2016 Baked Sunday Mornings

I have to be totally honest this week; I wasn’t feeling these brownies. I don’t even really feel like we can call these brownies, because they were more on the cakey side of things. In my opinion, brownies must be fudgey and super chocolatey, and these were neither. Obviously this did not stop my co-workers from […]

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Mini Oreo Cheesecakes

December 4, 2012 Cakes, Cupcakes & Icing
Oreo Mini Cheesecakes

Yes! It’s here! It’s COOKIE SEASON! Pretzel M&Ms have been bought, butter is being hoarded, and things are about to get real in my kitchen. As per our yearly tradition, Danielle and I have been swapping ideas for a few weeks now, and we debated our choices in a Google chat on the weekend, as […]

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Mini Chocolate Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Filling and Dark Chocolate Frosting

February 26, 2011 Cakes, Cupcakes & Icing

I love baking treats for my friends for their birthdays, but I can easily get caught up in trying to decide what to make. I have endless bookmarked recipes on both my work and home laptops, bakebooks with post-its attached, and of course, my new food magazine supply; a stack which is growing at a concerning […]

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