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Top Chef Canada Season 2: Episode 3 Recap

March 27, 2012 Top Chef Canada

It’s a episode full of pregnant ladies this week, with our Season 1 host Thea back for this episode. She introduces the Quickfire, which is to take a pair of very different ingredients and combine them into one amazing dish, because preggo ladies are known to crave weird combos of food. These pairings are truly heinous, […]

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Top Chef Canada Season 2: Episode 2 Recap

March 20, 2012 Top Chef Canada

And we’re back for Episode 2! Quick thought right off the top – why didn’t the show move production to a new city for the new season like they do on original Top Chef? Think of all the fresh seafood they would have had access to in Halifax, or all the fun challenges they could have done […]

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Top Chef Canada Season 2: Episode 1 Recap

March 15, 2012 Top Chef Canada

Yes yes y’all, I’m back for Season 2! This recap is late as I missed the first episode because I was (shamefully) watching some After the Final Rose shenanigans on Monday night.  I wasn’t really sure about taking on Season 2 Recaps, but a few friends and co-workers asked if I watched this week, and it kind of […]

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Top Chef Canada: Season Finale Recap

July 4, 2011 Top Chef Canada

Welcome to the finale you guys! Let’s go to the Beach!   For our last Quickfire, Mark and Thea announce that the chefs have 2 hours (taking the Quick out of Quickfire) to create a post-game BBQ for some volleyball players that’s centred around Rickard’s beer – red, white and dark. The winner is the chef with the best main […]

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Top Chef Canada: Episode 12 Recap

June 29, 2011 Top Chef Canada

And here we are at the penultimate episode my friends! I’m the first to admit, I have a little bit of Top Chef Canada fatigue. I think it was pretty obvious who the final 5 were going to be (see my early prediction from Episode 4; I had them all right except for Andrea), and at […]

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Top Chef Canada: Episode 11 Recap

June 21, 2011 Top Chef Canada

It’s crunch time, friends! Down to the final 5! This episode starts with Dale talking about how much he misses his son, how much he wants to win, and how much he wants the money. Francois says he didn’t have any fun on the bottom last week. Connie misses Andrea, and feels pressure as the only […]

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Top Chef Canada: Episode 10 Recap

June 14, 2011 Top Chef Canada

Chef Lynn Crawford’s in the house this week, and she’s got her hair did – it’s usually pretty wild on Pitchin’ In. The Quickfire this week is to design both a morning and afternoon snack size meal for Porter Airlines. The food has to fit into the little boxes, and everything needs to be served chilled or […]

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Top Chef Canada: Episode 9 Recap

June 7, 2011 Top Chef Canada

***If you’re here looking for Dale’s pulled pork recipe, it has yet to be posted on the President’s Choice website. I’ll add the link when it’s posted. Thanks for visiting!***   Update: Here it is! (on Food Network’s website)   Only seven cheftestants are left! We’re definitely narrowing down the field. This week’s episode starts […]

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Top Chef Canada: Episode 8 Recap

May 31, 2011 Top Chef Canada

Thank you for all your comments after last week’s (rage-inducing) episode! Just one more interesting follow-up point before we get to this week’s show: Kristine remembered that on a Season 2 episode of Top Chef, the winner of the Elimination Challenge had their dish featured nationwide on the menu of T.G.I.Friday’s, so this wasn’t the first time a chain restaurant […]

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Top Chef Canada: Episode 7 Recap

May 25, 2011 Top Chef Canada

Sorry for the late recap this week! I’ve been having some technical difficulties, and also I was distracted during this week’s episode so I had to re-watch it online. To be honest, I was annoyed by this whole episode, as you can see by the length of this post.    This episode started off with […]

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