Sweet & Sour Brisket {Gastropost Mission #86}

January 18, 2014 Beef & Pork
Sweet & Sour Brisket - Copy

When this week’s Raw vs. Slow mission was announced, I picked my side in no time. Team Raw is fine for the summer, when there’s lots of farm fresh produce around that doesn’t need any cooking, but in the depths of January, obviously I’m Team Slow. I knew right away that I wanted to make […]

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Pulled Chicken Sandwiches with Brown Sugar Bourbon Barbecue Sauce {Gastropost Mission #72}

October 12, 2013 Chicken & Turkey
Pulled Chicken Sammie

  It’s Gastropost Saturday guys! Can we make this a thing? I’m going to start posting the recipes for whatever I’ve Gastroposted for the week on the Saturday that the mission is in the paper. Well, I’m going to try anyway. Our mission for this week was Sporting Goodies so we’re supposed to share what we […]

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Slowcooker Chicken Tikka Masala

January 2, 2012 Chicken & Turkey

Happy 2012 all! I love January, because even though I don’t believe in New Years resolutions, I love the re-set that comes with the beginning of the year. I also love this time of year in the kitchen; the stress fun of Christmas cookie baking is over and it’s all about warm, delicious comfort food.

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Smoky Beef Tacos + Churro Cupcakes

May 12, 2011 Beef & Pork

  Last week I was chatting with my co-worker who moved to Toronto from Mexico a few years ago. I excitedly asked about her Cinco de Mayo plans and was humourlessly informed that it is not celebrated in Mexico and is basically a pointless holiday. Okay then! Since I will latch on to any excuse to eat tacos, […]

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Slowcooker Shredded Buffalo Chicken

March 23, 2011 Chicken & Turkey

Before I get into posting about the gluttony that took place last weekend at the blog-iversary party, here’s a quick post about some very versatile shredded chicken. I saw this recipe in the January issue of Everyday Food, and it grabbed my attention, specifically because of the buffalo-ness of it all, plus the fact that […]

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Boeuf Bourguignon

November 1, 2010 Beef & Pork

 I’ve wanted to make Boeuf Bourguignon ever since I saw Julie & Julia with my Mom back in the summer of 2009. Clearly I wasn’t the only person who had this idea, because when I went to put Mastering the Art of French Cooking on hold at my library, there were about a hundred people […]

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Slowcooker Pulled Pork + ‘slaw

September 13, 2010 Beef & Pork

I cook for awards shows like most people cook for major sporting events. I like to have lots of food to sustain me through 3+ hours of awkward banter between presenters, teary acceptance speeches, and judging January Jones’ fashion choices. For the Emmys this year, Kristine came over (Nicole joined us for dessert, but that […]

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