Muffins & Scones

Baked Sunday Mornings: Nutella Scones

January 31, 2016 Baked Sunday Mornings
Nutella Scones

Today the rest of the BSM crew is making Chinese Five Spice Scones for Chinese New Year. I actually bought the five-spice powder and sesame seeds last week, but just wasn’t feeling it. Five-spice powder is no joke: cinnamon, cloves, fennel, star anise and pepper. It’s STRONG. I’m not the biggest fan of cloves, and I […]

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Sweet Potato Scones with Cinnamon Maple Butter

January 25, 2016 Muffins & Scones
Sweet Potato Scones

When Danielle and I went to Atlanta last year, one of the places we went for brunch was Highland Bakery. It was actually my least favourite meal of the weekend, but it was saved by one special thing. We bought little mini sweet potato scones from the bakery case up front to snack on while […]

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Baked Sunday Mornings: Peanut Butter & Jelly Crumb Morning Muffins

October 25, 2015 Baked Sunday Mornings
PB&J Muffins

I’m a little behind, as the Baked Sunday Morning crew made these muffins two weeks ago. Two things though: a) that was Thanksgiving up here in Canada and I was baked out b) there was no way I was tackling today’s recipe. Not that I have anything against Baked Alaska, it’s just a fairly long […]

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Mini Pumpkin Muffins with Brown Butter Glaze, Salted Caramel & Pecans

October 14, 2015 Muffins & Scones
Mini Pumpkin Muffins

Hooray! It’s pumpkin time! I feel like I showed excellent restraint in waiting until October to crack open my first can of pumpkin. Last year I was away for a lot of October, so I didn’t really make a dent into my Pumpkin Pinterest board, so I’m making up for lost time now. The first […]

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My Favourite Banana Muffins

October 6, 2015 Muffins & Scones
My Favourite Banana Muffins

In the 5 years I’ve been blogging, I can’t even count the number of times I’ve made these muffins. They are the epitome of comfort to me. My Mom made these all the time for us when we were growing up and I make them all the time now. The recipe comes from a cookbook […]

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Blueberry-Lime Cornmeal Muffins {Messy Baker Monday}

September 29, 2014 Muffins & Scones

It’s Messy Baker Monday!!! Today a bunch of my blogging friends have gotten together to celebrate the new cookbook from our friend Charmian Christie. I’ve gotten to know Charmian through various blogger events over the past year and a half, and even attended the launch party for The Messy Baker Cookbook last month. That’s where […]

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Baked Sunday Mornings: Chocolate Cheesecake Muffins

September 21, 2014 Baked Sunday Mornings
Chocolate Cheesecake Muffins

I was just saying to someone yesterday that I often find that ugly desserts are the most delicious, and these muffins perfectly prove my point. From the outside they don’t look like much; kind of a naked cupcake with something mysterious bursting out the sides. But like a lot of things in life, it’s what’s […]

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Chocolate Chip Pancake Mini Muffins with Brown Butter Maple Glaze {Gastropost Mission #94}

March 15, 2014 Gastropost
Mini Pancake Muffins

Our Gastropost Mission this week forced us to choose between two sweeties: Maple Syrup vs. Honey. I feel as though there’s a time and a place for honey (i.e. on peanut butter toast), but my heart belongs to maple syrup. One of my very first foodie awakenings after university was realizing that there was a […]

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Apple Crisp Muffins

October 7, 2013 Muffins & Scones
Apple Crisp Muffins

  Fun fact: the very first recipe I posted here on Planet Byn almost four years ago was for Oat & Apple Crumble Top Muffins.  There’s nothing wrong with that recipe, but there’s room in my life for more than one apple muffin! Last weekend my friend Aoife and I went apple picking at Chudleigh’s, […]

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Cookie Butter Roundup

November 27, 2012 Bars & Squares

As I mentioned the other day, the most anticipated item from my Trader Joe’s haul was Cookie Butter. Everything I heard and read about it had me super excited and curious about the magic that would be unleashed when I cracked open a jar. First, let me try my best to describe Cookie Butter: it […]

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