Monthly Recaps

November on Planet Byn {2017} + Ottawa Eats

November 30, 2017 Monthly Recaps
Skor Cake

I feel like November is always a chill month for me; a great time to reset before things get crazy over the holidays. However, this year that was definitely not the case: I spent the first weekend of the month in Ottawa, visiting my friend Katy and her family. Katy picked me up from the […]

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October on Planet Byn {2017}

October 31, 2017 Monthly Recaps

October is usually my favourite month, but it fell in the rankings this year because I was knocked out with a bad cold for the first two weeks. There were a couple of super fun foodie events towards the end of the month to make up for it though: Thanksgiving was a bust for me […]

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September on Planet Byn {2017}

September 30, 2017 Monthly Recaps
Paw Patrol

September was more hot and humid than any of the summer months that just passed. It definitely wasn’t time for cozy fall baking or apple picking, but instead a two tiered Paw Patrol cake, and some other fun stuff: Kristine’s friends Justin and Masha asked me to make a Paw Patrol cake for their daughter’s 2nd […]

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August on Planet Byn {2017} + Edmonton Eats

August 31, 2017 Monthly Recaps
CC Frose

The highlight of this month was a WILDERNESS ADVENTURE to Jasper for Danielle’s wedding! I spent a couple days in Edmonton too, so I have some recommendations to share, after I share what else was up this month: First of all, I followed Descendant Pizza on Instagram back in July and because I was their 6,000th follower, […]

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July on Planet Byn {2017}

July 31, 2017 Monthly Recaps
Canada Day Cupcakes

Most of this month was dedicated to baking and preparing for a very special 1st birthday party, which I’ll write more about next week, but here’s what else was going on in the meantime: Canada Day was a pretty big deal this year as we celebrated our 150th birthday. To me this just meant I […]

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June on Planet Byn {2017}

June 30, 2017 Monthly Recaps
Dafna & Byn

I swear there were a couple nights this month where I almost wore flannel PJs to bed, so I won’t say that Summer has fully arrived here, especially since it won’t stop raining. Here’s what I got up to in this pre-Summer state: Nicole came over for dinner and I made everything out of Barefoot […]

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May on Planet Byn {2017}

May 31, 2017 Monthly Recaps
Sweet Jesus

Here’s what was happening on Planet Byn this month: At this point, I’m basically 85% vegetarian, so I was excited when my friend Alexis suggested Boon Burger in Burlington for lunch. This place is entirely vegan and has not one but FOUR different types of burgers (i.e. mushroom based, chickpea based, etc.) which is pretty […]

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April on Planet Byn {2017}

April 30, 2017 Monthly Recaps
Easter Treats

This month kicked off with a super fun and cute baking project! I made the treats for my friend Kristine’s niece’s 1st Birthday party. Her sister requested four dozen vanilla cupcakes (I used the recipe from Joy the Baker’s first cookbook) with vanilla icing (I used My Favourite Buttercream) and I ordered the Flamingo sprinkle […]

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March on Planet Byn {2017}

March 31, 2017 Monthly Recaps
St. Patrick

This was a pretty low-key month for me, especially since we had super cold wintery-weather, and my hibernation mode was still in effect. Here’s what was going on in the kitchen: It was my friend Jen’s birthday and I made these Black Bottom Cupcakes for her little celebration. They’re chocolate cupcakes with chocolate chip cheesecake centres. […]

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February on Planet Byn {2017}

February 28, 2017 Monthly Recaps

February is my most dreaded dreary month, and this year I started it with NOROVIRUS, so it could only get better from there: Jenny, Heather and I trekked up to Richmond Hill to see Molly Yeh do a food demo and talk about her new book Molly on the Range. I’ve followed Molly’s blog over […]

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