Baked Sunday Mornings: Black Forest Chocolate Cookies

by byn on January 28, 2018

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Black Forest Chocolate Cookies

Our assignment this week for Baked Sunday Mornings was a batch of Black Forest Cookies. The Baked Boys took the classic Black Forest flavours and turned them into a cookie with lots of chocolate, dried cherries and white chocolate chips.

Personally, I’m anti-Black Forest everything, and you can read more on that here, from when we made the Black Forest Cupcakes from Baked Occasions. Even with that being said, there was something else that was off for me with the texture of these cookies. I guess I want a chocolate cookie (or any cookie really) to be chewy and fudgey, but they weren’t. They weren’t cakey or dry though either. It was weird. I can’t explain it.  There wasn’t a lot of flour in the recipe, which I guess is the culprit.

This didn’t matter at all to my co-workers, and they were gone from our new secret snack drawer in no time.

You can find the recipe here!

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