April on Planet Byn {2015}

by byn on April 30, 2015

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Chocolate Choux

It was a fun, busy month on Planet Byn (as evidenced by the fact that it’s actually May 26th and I’m finally writing this). I kicked off the month in Florida, so first a bit on that, and then a recap of what else was going on:

  • First of all, why are there so many more yogurt options in the States? I think I ate a different variety of Chobani every single day. They have a new (to me) kind with steel cut oats mixed right in, and these other dessert-y type ones that I loved, in particular a Salted Caramel Crunch yogurt that you stir pretzels and chocolate chips into. What!
  • I know we have Panera Bread up here now, but I swear it just does NOT taste as good as when you have it in the US. My favourite is their Tomato Basil soup, which I ate out of a bread bowl, then ate the bowl, and loved my life.
  • I returned from Florida on Easter Sunday to a package at my front desk from Jenny, which was a beautiful plate of her Easter dinner, plus dessert and a lovely handwritten note. How lucky am I?
  • I have to make a note here that I made these Coconut Cinnamon Roasted Sweet Potatoes from my blog crush, Kiwi & Bean, so I remember to make them again. She serves them with sriracha mayo for dipping, and they are so, so good.
  • When I go out for dinner, I’m sometimes pretty reluctant to order dessert, because well, #foodsnob, and I don’t like being disappointed (and to be honest, I am often left thinking that I could make something better). However, I went to Drake 150 with my friend Kristine and her cousins, and as if I could leave there without ordering their Chocolate Choux Pastry (IN THE SHAPE OF A FLOWER!) filled with hazelnut cream. I did not share.
  • I cooked a few things from the old Planet Byn archives this month, and was reminded how easy and delicious these are: Kung Pao Chicken, Red Bean Chili & Thai Peanut Quinoa Bowl.
  • I had some leftover salted caramel and stirred it into this Banana Bread. I’m not sure if it was because my bananas were so incredibly ripe, but this has shot to the top of my Banana Bread Power Rankings.
  • President’s Choice is making S’mores Bites! Take that Trader Joe’s!

Other non-foodie things I was obsessed with this month:

  • I read a bunch of books on vacation, and would recommend The Kind Worth Killing, if you’re a fan of Gillian Flynn’s books.
  • Mad Men is back for it’s final season! (And has already finished now that I’m writing this…more on this is next month’s recap).
  • This is super nerdy, but I spent the month re-watching all the Marvel movies, in order, starting with Iron Man right up until Captain America 2. I was all set for Avengers 2 on May 1, but the month got away from me, and I’m actually going to see it this week! Watching all those movies really makes you contemplate the important things in life, like which Chris you like best: Evans, Pratt or Hemsworth?

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