Quarterly Report: Joy the Baker Cookbook {Q2}

by byn on September 11, 2012

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My baking soul sister and I have reached the halfway point in our mission to bake the entire Joy the Baker Cookbook. You can see photos of everything we’ve made over on our project page, but here’s the recap of Q2. 50 recipes down, 50 to go!

Recipes Baked
Total – 25 (Danielle – 11 / Robyn – 12 / Together – 2 {Danielle came to visit me!})
*This took from May 21 – August 21, three months, so a true quarter of the year
Baked from our Top 10s
Danielle – 6/10
Robyn – 7/10
*click over to our JtB Cookbook Project page to see what they were; we updated our Top 10s for Fall with every pumpkin/sweet potato/cinnamon recipe in the book :)
Favourite from Q2
Danielle – Cream Cheese Pound Cake* – here she is to tell you about her fave:
 A lover of all things chocolate, I would have thought that the dark chocolate ganache tart would have been my favorite from this quarter but it was the much simpler cream cheese pound cake that won out in the end. Just as Joy promised, it needs no fancy additions.  I’m sure it would have been delicious with summer berries and cream but it was just as tasty on it’s own.  This pound cake remind me of a well hydrated vanilla cupcake without all the fuss. I will definitely be making this one again! A close second would the banana rum cake with brown butter frosting. I was trying to be good and didn’t actually try any but it smelled delicious while baking.  Weeks later, I have received five requests for the recipe and my co-workers are still raving about it.
*Robyn’s note: Please be advised that Danielle stole this off my list, but I allowed it to count!
Robyn – Zucchini Bundt Cake with Brown Sugar Cream Cheese Frosting:
I was originally going to say the Cookies & Cream Pudding was my favourite, then I changed my mind to the Peach Cobbler Muffins, but my final vote is going toward this Zucchini Bundt Cake. The cake itself is super hydrated and delicious, with a hint of cinnamon that got me really excited for fall baking. But the frosting seals the deal on this one; not only brown sugar and cream cheese, but also a little dab of molasses in there to keep things spicy. There are two other reasons I chose this as my Q2 all-star: first of all, I’m obsessed with my new bundt pan (even though you can’t see the shape because of the icing, and this photo makes the cake look like a giant doughnut) and secondly, I brought this monster to work to share with my new co-workers. They loved it, and me, and even though it took us two days to get through the whole thing, I would say it was a hit!
*Joy’s obviously killing it on the pound cakes, as I had the Honey Whole Wheat Pound Cake as my Q1 all-star, and both Dani’s and my choice for Q2 were pound cakes!*
Most Anticipated Recipe for Next Quarter
Danielle – Pumpkin Bundt Cake with Cinnamon Glaze
Robyn – Chocolate Malt Bread Pudding (For some unknown reason I think I don’t like bread pudding even though I’ve never had it. So I’m intrigued to see how this will go)
Our goal is to get through another 25 recipes before Christmas baking really ramps up toward the end of November.
If you made anything from Joy’s book in the last few months, let us know in the comments!

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