Toronto Eats: Le Dolci & The Wedding Cake Shoppe

by byn on July 24, 2012

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The first stop on our Toronto Treat Tour was The Wedding Cake Shoppe for blogTO’s #1 rated cupcake. On the way there, we came across Le Dolci, and popped in to see what it was all about. Little did we know, we were about to find our kindred spirits.

Turns out Le Dolci is a food studio that runs classes, hosts private parties (like you could have your wedding shower there and decorate cupcakes!) and caters corporate events. We chatted with the owners and told them about our Toronto Treat Tour. They loved it and took our took our photo to post on their Twitter! Then we found out that they also don’t believe in Red Velvet cake, and we freaked out all over them and proceeded to have an in depth convo about our views (also expressed here). We had a few mini cupcakes, I took a class schedule, and then we were on our way. It was a nice little impromptu addition to our Treat Tour.

From there, we made our way up to The Wedding Cake Shoppe, but first a small tangent. It goes without saying that Danielle and I are huge baking snobs, and have strong opinions on a wide-variety of baking related topics (see: Red Velvet above). One thing we both agree on, but I don’t think has ever been addressed here on Planet Byn, because to me it’s just so obvious, is that we are 100% TEAM BUTTER. So, excuse you blogTO, but there is NO WAY these are the best cupcakes in the city when they use SHORTENING in their buttercream icing. It’s called buttercream for a reason. 

Are you sitting there thinking, but Byn, how can you tell they use shortening and not butter? Believe me, you’d know. Shortening is gross, greasy, flavourless and disgusting. I’m sure it’s cheaper for baking in mass quantities, but I would never compromise the delicious flavour and richness you get with butter.

Here are the flavours we tried:

Cookies & Cream + Vanilla

Irish Cream Dream + Dulce de Leche (that was the best one because there wasn’t any icing on it, just a slick of straight DdL)

The one qualifier here is that the actual cake part of the cupcakes we tried was really good; very hydrated and flavourful. But in our opinion, all that is just undone by the icing. Sorry we’re not sorry.

*Le Dolci is located at 1006 Dundas Street West, between Ossington Avenue & Bathurst Street*

*The Wedding Cake Shoppe is located at 859 College Street, just west of Ossington Avenue*

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Sarah October 24, 2013 at 9:35 pm

Hi ladies,

I am one of the owners of The Wedding Cake Shoppe, Sarah. I just wanted to say thanks for coming into the shoppe and taking the time to write a review on us. Also, we’re very happy to hear that you enjoyed the actual cake part of our cupcakes! There’s just one little detail I’d like to clear up that is written falsely on your page. We absolutely do NOT use any shortening in our buttercreams. We are quite the baking snobs ourselves, and trust me, we strongly hate shortening and believe it is the WORST texture or flavour in any icing. The only ingredients for our swiss meringue buttercreams are: egg whites, granulated sugar, and butter. We don’t even have shortening or any lard at the shoppe for that matter.

So, I am very sorry that you didn’t enjoy the buttercream and thought it tasted like shortening, however, I did want to clear that up because it is actually 100% butter that we use for all our baking/buttercreams.

Thanks again for the review!


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