5 Things I Love Right Now

by byn on April 2, 2012

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This week on the Joy the Baker Podcast, Joy & Tracy gave us some homework, which was to write about five of our favourite things right now! Here’s a glimpse into what I’m obsessed with lately:

1. Nail Stickers

I tried these in the Fall, but just got around to my second attempt. The one I’ve got on is Laced Up, and I still have that argyle one to try. I’m kind of obsessed – you just peel and stick and your manicure is done in like 5 minutes. I just spotted some hot pink zebra striped ones the other day, although they might be a little too cray for the office.

2. Aaron Paul’s Twitter

Over the past two weeks, Aaron Paul’s Twitter has been out of control. If you watch Breaking Bad, you need to picture Jesse Pinkman doing a kitty cat puzzle, and tell me that’s not hilarious. Then this happened:

3. Early Spring Rhubarb

Last week I found early spring rhubarb at St. Lawrence Market and made these crumb bars happen the very same night. Love rhubarb! I’ll post the recipe soon.

4. Snazzy Beach Towel

FACT: If you’re trying to motivate yourself to add swimming to your fitness routine, purchasing a snazzy new beach towel is way less traumatic than buying a new swimsuit. (Aside: my balcony looks like a jail cell…changing this is #1 on my Summer to-do list).

5. Joy the Baker Cookbook

This feels a little like sucking up to the teacher, but it can’t be denied, I’m in love with this book! (This is the picture I tweeted to Joy when I got my book in the mail :) My friend Danielle and I are taking pictures of everything we bake from it, and you can check that out over here!

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chefroommate April 13, 2012 at 7:55 am

Those nail stickers are so intense and awesome! Thanks for sharing your favorite things!


Kristine April 2, 2012 at 7:03 pm

You forgot the fun bun!


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