March 2012

Chaste Brownies

March 29, 2012 Bars & Squares

  If Slutty Brownies are labelled as such because they’re easy, filthy and a lil’ bit dirty (and made from mixes), what shall we call a homemade version? They require a little more time (hard-to-get?), are made from scratch (wholesome?), and take themselves a little bit more seriously (uptight?).

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Top Chef Canada Season 2: Episode 3 Recap

March 27, 2012 Top Chef Canada

It’s a episode full of pregnant ladies this week, with our Season 1 host Thea back for this episode. She introduces the Quickfire, which is to take a pair of very different ingredients and combine them into one amazing dish, because preggo ladies are known to crave weird combos of food. These pairings are truly heinous, […]

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Baked Sunday Mornings: Chocolate Coffee Cupcakes without Dark Chocolate Ganache

March 25, 2012 Baked Sunday Mornings

You know, for all the hours I spend in my kitchen, there are just some times when my baking mojo is MIA. This was one of those times.

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Falafel Tacos + Tahini Garlic Sauce

March 22, 2012 Vegetarian

Every once in a while I cook something at home that is so delicious, I have to give myself a little pat on the back. It doesn’t happen all that frequently, but this was one of those dinners that I was just so proud of, and couldn’t wait to blog about, not to mention make […]

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Top Chef Canada Season 2: Episode 2 Recap

March 20, 2012 Top Chef Canada

And we’re back for Episode 2! Quick thought right off the top – why didn’t the show move production to a new city for the new season like they do on original Top Chef? Think of all the fresh seafood they would have had access to in Halifax, or all the fun challenges they could have done […]

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Fish Sticks + Spicy Tartar Sauce

March 18, 2012 Seafood

Hold the phone! Stop the presses! Could I actually be posting a FISH recipe on Planet Byn? It’s true. I briefly touched upon the genetic mystery of my aversion to seafood in this post, but the reality is, I’ve been trying to eat fish once a week. It’s good for you, often cheaper than chicken, […]

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Top Chef Canada Season 2: Episode 1 Recap

March 15, 2012 Top Chef Canada

Yes yes y’all, I’m back for Season 2! This recap is late as I missed the first episode because I was (shamefully) watching some After the Final Rose shenanigans on Monday night.  I wasn’t really sure about taking on Season 2 Recaps, but a few friends and co-workers asked if I watched this week, and it kind of […]

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Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes + Mila’s 1st Birthday Party

March 13, 2012 Cakes, Cupcakes & Icing

Last Saturday was my friend Alexis’ daughter’s 1st birthday, and I was in charge of the treats! I was super jazzed for this project, and I loved it because Alexis provided very specific guidance on what she wanted. (Sometimes it can be frustrating when people say – just make whatever you want. If a baker […]

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Baked Sunday Mornings: Peanut Butter & Jelly Bars

March 11, 2012 Baked Sunday Mornings

Even though I love peanut butter, this is something I wasn’t super interested in trying from Baked Explorations. I think it has something to do with the fact that it’s one of the recipes in the book without a picture. I love to have a visual of something before I make it, which is why […]

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Bran Muffins

March 9, 2012 Muffins & Scones

I know, I know, who wants to hear about bran muffins, right? But here’s the thing, I’ve been working so much the last few weeks there just hasn’t really been time for any fun baking projects. This morning I realized I hadn’t posted in almost two weeks and I didn’t even have anything to blog about. […]

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