Junk Food at Target

by byn on November 27, 2011

in Bakeries & Restaurants

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Here’s the rest of the things that caught my eye as I was wandering around Target a few weeks ago. In the alternate reality where we don’t have to worry about cholesterol and whether or not our work pants fit, I would have bought ALL this junk and ate it over a 3 day period. Instead, I just took pictures to show you!

1. Milk Chocolate & Peanut Butter Drizzle Graham Bites – I could have eaten my way right to the bottom of that container without stopping. YUM.

2. Retro Doritos – It was killing me to not know what was going on inside this bag. Taco flavour? Yes please.

3. Cheese Balls – My brother Chris’ #1 snack when he goes to the States. He also enjoys the cheese that comes in a spray can.

4. MARSHMALLOWS – How are we Canadians such a deprived nation that we only have two kinds of marshmallows – big or small? Check these out!

5. Reese Baking Mix – I’m intrigued by this.

6. Ben & Jerry’s – Even though I’m not really an ice cream person, I’m always fascinated by all the flavours you can get in the states. Check out Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Snack:

Alternate reality Byn would have purchased this, and eaten the entire thing:

7. Peanut Butter Pretzel Sandwiches Dipped in Chocolate – *Drool*

Next up I’ll show you all the loot I brought home!

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