BBQ Chicken Sandwiches + PC Brainwashing + New Dining Room Table

by byn on July 3, 2011

in Chicken & Turkey

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I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit this, but after that episode of Top Chef Canada a few weeks ago, I made a special trip to Loblaws. Yes, I was totally brainwashed :) Since I have a Metro right across the street, as well as in the same mall as my gym, I don’t really do my everyday grocery shopping at Loblaws/Superstore. I also hate the ginormous aisles at Superstore, and I feel like it takes me double the time to get what I need. Not to mention I spend double the money if I go through the Joe Fresh section after I get my groceries.

Okay, so anyway, I made a special trip to Loblaws to wander around and I picked up a few things: the Beer & Chipotle Smokin’ Stampede Barbecue Sauce that Dale used on the show, Smokin’ Stampede spicy mayo, some sesame burger buns and little slider buns, some insane chipotle & cheese baked crisps, and a few other things. (I restrained myself from the Smokin’ Stampede and Chipotle Ranch thick cut rippled chips, but I had a dream about them later). My shopping cart looked like a PC commercial; it only had black and white packages in it.

A few days after that my new dining room table *finally* arrived! Yay! No more dinner parties on the floor/at the counter/on the couch/in plastic chairs! Kristine came over for dinner and did I keep it classy for my first guest and meal at my new table? Of course not! We had a PC dinner! BBQ chicken sandwiches on PC buns, with Dale’s BBQ sauce, cheddar, caramelized balsamic red onions, and Smokin’ Stampede mayo. Rounded it out with a little green salad with ranch dressing and PC croutons, natch. Some watermelon lemonade to drink, and then raspberry yogurt popsicles for dessert! Summer is here!

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Leianne @ yummy belly July 6, 2011 at 10:11 am

I just remembered that you invited me over the Top Chef finale. I think I’m going senile! That sounds like an awesome dinner though, I love Galen Weston & PC!! Congrats on the table!


Kristine July 6, 2011 at 6:57 am

Yum! Way to go PC!

p.s. did you buy place mats yet? 😉


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