Star Wars Cookies

by byn on July 18, 2010

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In his 5 short years, Johnny Mac has been obsessed with a variety of things, including, but not limited to, ladybugs, Curious George, gorillas, and other jungle animals of all kinds (“Auntie O-byn, did you know orangutans are the largest tree living mammals in the WORLD?”). 

But this year, he is obsessed with Star Wars. And for some reason, this summer Williams-Sonoma was selling a line of Star Wars related baking items. It seemed kind of insane to spend $30 on cookie cutters I will likely only use once, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to bring these cookies to John’s 5th Birthday Party.

The cookie cutters are really neat because they not only cut out the shape, but have a plunger type thing on top that you press down to make indentations in the cookies. I didn’t want to screw them up with icing, so I just stamped them out and left them as is.  I thought I would make the good guys as shortbread and the bad guys as brownies, but my brother informed me that Yoda was the only good guy, so I nixed that plan.

I’ve made the brownie roll-out cookies before, and just googled to find a similar shortbread roll-out cookie recipe. The cookies are fairly plain, not too sweet, and would definitely make great ice cream sandwiches! Here’s us with the R2D2 birthday cake:

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